Policy Priorities

Federal and state governments should pass policies that provide rural people the tools and opportunities we need to build a good life. Rural advocates from across the country have united around common values and shared challenges and identified four primary pillars for rural progress. Within each pillar, there are strategic, popular and meaningful policies that can be adopted now. These policy priorities combine the policies from the Rural Policy Action Report and the Blueprint for Rural Policy Action in the States.

*Photo above courtesy People’s Action

Freedom & End Discrimination

Protect people’s freedom to live and work safely and without discrimination

Issue Priorities

Democracy and Voting • Native Nations • Equitable Funding • Labor Protections • Farmer Equity • Reproductive Healthcare • Safety for All Communities • Equal Rights

*Photo by Mike Kane, courtesy of RuralOrganizing.org Education Fund

Invest in rural communities

Every family needs a basic foundation to build a good life for themselves and thriving communities for everyone.

Issue Priorities

Fair Taxes • Credit • Education and Child Care • Healthcare • Post Office • Housing • Local Capacity • Broadband • Access to Farmland

Rein in corporate greed and support workers, small businesses, and farmers

Level the playing field for working families, small businesses, and family farms.

Issue Priorities

Limit Corporate Power • Checkoff Programs • Accountability for Pollution • Food Labeling • Empower Workers • Good Jobs and Strong Economies

Secure, prosperous, and sustainable future

Rural America is vital to the health and wellness of our country, and rural communities can play a critically important role in developing more sustainable and resilient food and energy systems.

Issue Priorities

Natural Resources • Public Lands • Build a Renewable Energy Future • Reduce Waste in the Food Supply Chain

*Photo by Tim Crawford, courtesy of Northern Plains Resource Council