Strengthen Food Labeling Requirements

Rein in Corporate Greed


Strengthen Food Labeling Requirements

Multinational corporations use lax labeling requirements to manipulate and mislead consumers while taking advantage of American farmers and ranchers. Consumers have a right to know where their food comes from and should have transparent information so they can trust that their choices match their values.

Policy Priorities

  1. Federal: Passing the American Beef Labeling Act will reinstate mandatory “Country of Origin Labeling” on beef and pork.

    The FTC adopted transparency rules governing “Made in the USA” labeling and USDA proposed new rules for the “Product of USA” label claim. These moves by the administration, which require all meat and meat products to be 100% “born, raised, and slaughtered” in the US to qualify for that label creates transparency for consumers and levels the playing field for farmers and ranchers.