Fix the Unfair Two-Tier Tax System

Invest in Rural Communities


Fix the Unfair Two-Tier Tax System

Corporations and the ultra-rich have manipulated the federal tax code to drain money from the economy, reduce investments in rural communities, and look the other way as corporations get richer at the expense of clean water, air, and land. The wealthiest households and largest corporations have enjoyed years of tax breaks that have created a two-tiered tax system in which billionaires and some corporations pay lower tax rates than middle-class workers. It’s time to fix the broken tax system and require everyone to pay their fair share of taxes to ensure sustained investments in rural communities for years to come.

Policy Priorities

  1. Federal: Congress should include a minimum tax for billionaires, raise corporate tax rates, and end tax breaks for offshoring jobs, as President Biden proposed in his Fiscal Year 2024 budget.